ReactJS Is Still the King of Frameworks

July 7, 2021
September 9, 2021
September 7, 2021

In this week's episode, Mike decided to play a bit of a devil's advocate to his past-podcast-self (yes that's a phrase, and yes I coined it just now) to discuss ReactJS and why it is still the king of JavaScript frameworks. In week's past Mike has sung the praises of his favourite JavaScript framework - VueJS - even going so far as to say Vue is better than React. Despite Mike's affinity for VueJS, React is an absolute titan of a JavaScript framework and for good reason.

React's community is vast, covering thousands of projects and thousands of developers, opening the door for more help online, Stack Overflow posts, future updates to the framework, and more. Speaking of future updates, React is maintained by Facebook - a massive tech company that we should all be familiar with. Having the backing of such a large company is, arguably, a huge win for an Open Source project as it reduces the risk of the project suddenly shutting down, or not being maintained. Furthermore, with so much support and such a large community, a plethora of React-oriented jobs can be found on the market, further solidifying React's place as king of all JavaScript frameworks.

Beyond what I've already mentioned, we also discuss the syntax extension that many developers use with React called JSX, the massive developer ecosystem (ie Gatsby, Next.js), and much more.

The episode is available now, find it via the link below.

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