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Last updated (YYYY-MM-DD): 2021-07-05

The sections below explain how privacy and cookies work on the site. As well as what tools we use on the site for analytics, marketing, site creation & editing, as well as form submissions.

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Privacy Policy

For Site Users

This website does not collect user data or information, unless provided by users via an email/contact form. This website does use cookies for analytical and monetization purposes, a cookie consent form can be found on almost every page for users to opt-in or opt-out of cookies at their convenience. The analytical and monetization methods are provided by Google, more information can be found in the "Cookie Policy & Information" section below.

This website was made using Webflow, using the Webflow hosting service, and Webflow CMS for site editing. The Webflow website can be found by clicking here. The Webflow Global Privacy Policy can be found by clicking here.

Contact Forms

If you are filling out a contact form, an email is sent to the email address - - and a copy is also kept on the Webflow service. This is done automatically upon filling in and successfully submitting a contact form. If you would prefer to not have your email stored on the Webflow servers, you may send an email directly to the address -

This information is also provided when filling in a form on the website, for more visibility and user convenience.

For Site Editors (aka "Collaborators")

This website uses the Webflow CMS for editing. If you are a site editor, Webflow may use cookies for its operation. The Webflow cookie policy can be found by clicking here.

Cookie Policy & Information

We use Google Analytics and Google AdSense on this website.

Analytics | Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used for tracking site activity such as how many users visit the website overall, how many visits certain pages get, and more. In order to do this, Google Analytics uses cookies. You may opt-out of these cookies via our cookie consent form - they are under the category "Analytics"

Please note:

Marketing | Google AdSense

We use Google AdSense to monetize our website via serving ads. These ads may use and set cookies in order to provide you with ads that are more relevant to you. You may opt-out of these cookies via our cookie consent form - they are under the category "Marketing"

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We currently do not set any personalization cookies, however, if you choose to opt-in (or opt-out) using our cookie popup - your preference will be respected when/if we add cookies of this type.