I just published my first course! | Svelte for Beginners

October 20, 2021
October 12, 2023
October 12, 2023

It was not easy and I for sure went through a lot of challenges along the way.

Here is how I did it! 👇

The Topic

I chose Svelte as the main focus because I had such a blast working with it on my last contract.

The team I worked with also picked it up very quickly because of its intuitive design principles.

Learn JavaScript Framework Fundamentals with Svelte!

The Timeline

I challenged myself to complete the course from start to finish in 5 weeks.

I barely made it but on the Friday of the last week, I submitted the course!

Setting a deadline for sure helped motivate me to continually work and plan out the course.

The Tools

Davinci Resolve for editing - Although the learning curve was a bit steep I got into a rhythm

Blue Yeti for recording - Been using it for our podcast so I know what it can do

Canva for slide creation - I've created thumbnails and Twitter headers with it before

I also had Matt help me edit the audio!

It should be the same audio quality that you're used to on the HTML All The Things Podcast! 🎙️ 🔥

The Struggles

Several recordings lost to computer crashes and muted microphones.

- Video card driver caused my computer to crash twice during recording 😭
- Stupidly had a muted microphone for 2 more recordings 😅

Little to no experience with editing made for some serious frustrations. Couldn't even cut video at first. 🤣

Confidence was tough to maintain. Who am I to be teaching anyone? Had to reassure myself a few times and power through.

The Course

The course was created. So what will you learn?

- How to build a simple web application using Svelte
- What is and why use a JavaScript framework
- JavaScript framework fundamentals like conditional rendering, template looping, state management, routing, etc.

We'll be creating a simple web that has a form for input, and displays inputted posts in a column.

It will have navigation and state management to manage data between components.

The project is more just a vessel to teach the core concepts.

The course also comes with 9 assignments. Each assignment will build on their corresponding lesson and force you to apply the knowledge you gained from coding alone with me.

I highly suggest doing the assignments as that will be what solidifies your skills!

I've got a link that will give you the course for the lowest amount I could set on Udemy.

Feel free to reach out with any questions while taking the course!

Written by...
Mike Karan

I've been a full-stack web developer for 8+ years! Co-host of the HTML All The Things Podcast. Svelte, Vue.js, React, Node, SQL I love all things technology.

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