HTMX, Hyperscript, and More!

June 22, 2021
September 9, 2021
September 7, 2021

We had an absolutely loaded episode this week as we sat down with Carson, the creator of both HTMX and Hyperscript. We discussed his projects, his passion for locality of behaviour, and his motivation behind making projects for web developers to use.

First off we covered HTMX, one of Carson's biggest projects to-date. HTMX is designed to bring your HTML to the next level, by bringing more JavaScript-like manipulation right into your HTML file. This enhances your productivity because you're not jumping between files all the time, which is something that I've learned to appreciate over the years (so much time wasted reaching to and from the mouse!). Beyond productivity, HTMX also nicely compliments locality of behaviour by bringing more like-functionality into the same file. For those of you that don't know, locality of behaviour is all about making the behaviour of a piece of code obvious, just by looking at that piece of code itself. There's actually an essay on locality of behaviour on Carson's HTMX website that you should check out. In the case of HTMX, by bringing more code into a single HTML file, you're not flipping through files trying to find out where a particular function is located. Instead, the behaviour is commonly done right there inline, within the file itself.

Later on in the show we also touched on Hyperscript, which is a scripting language for modern front-end web development, it makes writing handlers and responsive UIs ease with native language support for async behaviour. You can check Hyperscript out on the official site.

This episode of the podcast is available now, click the button below to find all of Carson's links, show notes, and more!

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