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You’ve Learned Enough CSS, Here’s What’s Next

February 28, 2023
March 15, 2023
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CSS is a crucial skill for frontend developers to learn and eventually master, but it's flanked by other tools that many employers demand skills in.  Bootstrap, TailwindCSS, and SASS are all tools that assist in the development of user interfaces, by augmenting and expanding what vanilla CSS already offers. With this in mind, it's easy for a junior developer to start questioning when to move their learning journey on from vanilla CSS to something that an employer may have interest in. Many times this question can result in analysis paralysis and over a long period of time, may result in CSS tutorial hell. This week, Matt and Mike discuss this transition from learning vanilla CSS to learning the next step that applies to your goals.


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CSS Tutorial Hell

  • Tutorial hell is a common side effect of the learning experience
  • Being bogged down in learning a specific topic, wanting to move on to another one, but not knowing when to do that is a common problem
  • For CSS, this problem exists due to the plethora of ways to layout the same type of page

When should you move on from vanilla CSS?

  • Once you understand the DOM flow
    - When you can see a design and start imagining how to CSS it
    - Bonus points for having a few ideas (ie maybe grid, or flex)
  • Don't wait until you:
    - Know every aspect of CSS
    - Are an accessibility specialist

Why should you move on from vanilla CSS?

  • Learn tooling that employers are looking for
  • Speed up your workflow (ie Bootstrap, UI libraries)
  • Good practice reading docs, that can be applied to JS frameworks down the line
  • Staying in-line with the industry, even just enough to hold a conversation with other pros

What should you move on to from vanilla CSS?

  • Base this around your goals
  • Know the difference between your tooling (ie Bootstrap versus Tailwind)
  • Do you want to expand your CSS skills? 
    - Then do SASS w/ SCSS
  • Do you have a project that you've been wanting to cook up?
    - Use the most productive tool for the job, such as Bootstrap to get started quickly
  • Want to work with an employer?
    - See what they're asking for, if you spend all your time learning Tailwind and they only use Bootstrap it's a waste of time