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What NOT to Do in Web Development

November 8, 2022
November 16, 2022
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Web development has a lot of dos and donts, so today we decided to focus on what NOT to do in web development. Things that all of us have done, like pushing confidential credentials to a public git repo, through client interactions like undervaluing your work. And don't forget, the classic "don't deploy on Friday" which Matt thinks Mike should do anyway, for his upcoming film.


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  • The don'ts when working with clients | 00:01:57
    - undervalue yourself
    - charge too little
    - give too much information
  • The don'ts when working a dev job | 00:30:47
    - use new technologies in production
    - skip accessibility
    - deploy on Fridays
  • The don'ts when using git | 00:46:53
    - work from the main branch
    - upload env secrets to git
    - rebase without knowing what it is
  • The don'ts of learning | 00:56:11
    - get stuck in tutorial hell
    - copy + paste code without knowing how it works
    - learn React (and frameworks) before JavaScript
    - stop learning, don't stay in your comfort zone