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What is THAT Conference w/ Clark Sell

May 28, 2024
June 13, 2024
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This week we had the pleasure of sitting down with Clark Sell, the creator of THAT Conference to discuss the importance of community among developers, and different relationships that you can have with your community. We also discussed at length the who, what, where, when, and why of THAT Conference - diving into Clark's inspiration when creating THAT, what the event is all about, and what the speaking landscape is like there. We even talked a little bit about Clark himself and what he used to do before THAT.


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Show Notes

Clark Sell Interview Questions

  • What is THAT?
    • Can you sum up what THAT is in a single statement for a complete newbie?
    • What is THAT's mission statement?
  • What inspired you to create THAT? 
    • Most people in the community would create a blog, or at most a hackathon, why take on the challenge of creating a full conference?
  • What did you do before THAT?
    • This may be naturally answered in the previous inspired question
  • Are "THAT" conferences always held in Kalahari resorts?
    • I’ve never heard of a Kalahari resort, what’s unique about them? Why choose them for THAT?
  • How important is the “celebrity” angle/presence to THAT?
    • Tech Twitter flocks to THAT conferences
  • The THAT speaking situation
    • How do you become a THAT conference speaker? And what speaker positions are available: keynote, main stage, on the conference floor, and more?
  • How can people participate and get involved in THAT?
    • Do you take sponsorships? How does that work?
    • Can people help by spreading the word about THAT?
    • If they can’t attend an in-person event, is there an online alternative?
  • Tell us about the upcoming Wisconsin 2024 conference
    • Take the floor to discuss this quickly upcoming event

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