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What Is Dynamic Content?

October 11, 2022
October 18, 2022
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Dynamic content on a website is content that changes over time, based on the user's preferences, or other parameters. One of the most common examples of dynamic content is a blog, where the content changes all the time as writers submit new articles and ad banners flip through new ads based on your unique browsing history. Powered by various CMS, these dynamic websites are something that almost every web developer will work with and create in their career.


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  • What is dynamic content? | 00:02:11
    - Content that is constantly changing and evolving dynamically on a website
    - A tech blog is a good example of a website that is filled with dynamic content, writers are constantly submitting new articles to the blog
    - The YouTube home page is another good example, where the videos shown are always different and vary per user based on their watch history, location, etc.
  • Why is dynamic content important? | 00:10:52
    - Going through a real-world example, analyzing the AutoTrader Canada website for dynamic and static components
  • Designing a CMS with dynamic content in mind | 00:30:11
    - Not building out a completely new CMS
    - Putting together a CMS' fields in such a way that a website editor can easily fill in what they need to, to publish their content and have it displayed the way they want
  • The problem with dynamic content | 00:52:14
    - Overengineering the CMS such that the site is more dynamic than it should be (beyond what the customer wants and/or understands)"
    - Where is the line between creator freedoms and considerations for the website reader?