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Web Development Hot Takes - Is HTML a Programming Language? Does React Suck?

May 2, 2023
May 10, 2023
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The web development community has a collection of hot takes that seem to continuously come up time and time again in social media discussions and podcast debates. Hot takes like the debate of whether or not HTML is a programming language, or if React is good. These, among several other hot takes, are typically rooted in divide among the community as friction points about what tools to use and how to use them spark fierce debate among those that work closely with them. In this week's episode, Matt and Mike discussed and debated a collection of these hot takes, offering their opinions on each one.


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Web development hot takes:

  • HTML is (isn’t) a programming language
  • React sucks
  • We’re going back to the days of PHP
    - Next.js app router
    - Colocation
  • Tailwind Sucks
  • Devs don’t know HTML
    - Accessibility concerns
  • Front-end is harder than back-end
  • AWS dashboard is hot garbage
  • While you argue over which framework is better a single .php file could build your entire idea and have just as much success (commercially) as the latest and greatest framework
  • No point in starting to learn web development because AI will take our jobs anyway