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We NEED To Hire Junior Developers

April 9, 2024
April 23, 2024
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Hiring junior developers has become a hot topic as of late with AI threatening to take their place and some employers outright refusing to hire self-taught developers citing the quality of their work as justification. The problem with taking out this critical career starting point is that we're breaking the traditional career cycle - junior developers get hired, learn skills to become a senior developer, then eventually change over to management, or decide to retire. By "turning off the tap" of new talent we're essentially limiting the amount of professional developers that there will ever be, forcing salaries to rise, and companies to poach each other's talent (more than they already do). In this episode, Matt and Mike discussed why you should still be interested in hiring junior developers at your company in order to keep the industry happy and healthy.


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Why we should keep hiring junior developers

  • Easier to mold into what the team needs
  • Who will be the seniors of the future?
    • If we don’t hire junior developers now then there won’t be enough working developers. This will drive up developer salaries to the point where only top tech firms can afford engineers
  • If seniors are not teaching or passing down knowledge then the product and team can suffer
  • Fresh perspective
  • Seniors are $$$
  • “It’s the right thing to do”
    • Altruistic but it’s true
  • AI isn’t there yet
    • Devin is a good example, I’ve only heard of bad implementations using him. Essentially it is currently a joke
    • Even copilot cannot ideate, it can be guided to write decent code but needs a idea person
    • AI will need seniors to guide, manage and check its code, without more juniors there won’t be any seniors