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Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Web Developer

May 7, 2024
May 21, 2024
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Web development is a multifaceted field that demands the integration of numerous technical skills for success. Given its complexity, it's common to encounter various pitfalls while navigating the terrain. In this episode, Mike divulges a list of insights he wishes he had known before embarking on a career in web development—advice that could have spared him time and frustration. This includes mastering your tools to fully leverage them (such as AI), recognizing the importance of completing projects, the advantages of engaging with a community, and many other valuable tips.


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Show Notes

  • Learn your toolssome text
    • Learn shortcuts
    • How to use AI to your advantage
  • Find a group of better developers then you and don’t be afraid to ask questionssome text
    • Don’t be afraid to receive criticism 
  • Create snippets and starters with common patterns you implement
  • Dive deeper into the tech you’re usingsome text
    • Pigeon-holing versus scattered learning
  • Embrace imposter syndrome
  • Complete more projects