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The Transitional Web w/ Chris Ferdinandi

November 15, 2022
November 23, 2022
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This week we sat down with Chris Ferdinandi to discuss why he thinks the web is in a state of transition, moving away from bloated frameworks and other tooling, towards the use of more "vanilla" or "native" platform features. This less bloated web is where Chris believes we are already transitioning towards, with the hopes that it makes websites and web apps more efficient.


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Show Notes

Topics & Timestamps

  • In your blog post you mention “the web is in a state of transition”, can you expand on that?
    - 00:03:30
  • What is the lean web vs “the Bloated Web”?
    - 00:13:59
  • Large frameworks like React and Vue are still being heavily used in the industry, why do you think that is set to change? What will we be using instead?
    - 00:34:00
  • Do you think these ‘transitional tools’ will be around forever?
    - 00:41:56
  • What would the ideal ‘web platform’ look like to you?
    - 00:50:50

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