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Technical Interviews Exposed w/ Kyle TechSquidTV

February 27, 2024
March 14, 2024
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With the tech job market seemingly exploding with layoffs recently, nailing your technical interviews is possibly more important than ever. With that said, there are a lot of opinions out there on how much prep you should be doing and whether you should be applying everywhere, or just to a few select places so you can focus your studies. This week we had that pleasure of speaking with Kyle from TechSquidTV to discuss all things technical interviews. We also discussed what to do after you've been laid off and then switched gears to discuss the marrying of hardware and software together into unique projects.


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Show Notes

Technical Interviews

  • For those listening that haven’t had an interview for a job yet, what is the interview process like, in general, for web developers? Multiple interviews? Just a tech interview? Take-home assignments?
  • How should you prep for a technical interview? For how long?
  • What should you do if your GitHub isn’t active (green squares), but you have been working on projects behind closed doors for clients, or maybe work with another git platform? How can you easily explain this to prospective employers?
  • Some tech companies will perform multiple rounds of interviews of varying types including HR interviews, technical interviews, and even some “like-school” exam ones with multiple applicants writing out an “exam” in a testing centersome text
    • With so many rounds of interviews, does it make sense to limit your amount of applications so that you’re not overwhelmed by prep? Quality of your interviews not quantity?
    • Is a company doing multiple interview rounds a form of red flag that applicants should avoid? Are there any red flags people should avoid when applying for positions?

After a layoff

  • Many developers, web and otherwise, have been sadly affected by the tech layoffs that have been rippling through the industry latelysome text
    • Do you have any advice for people that are currently learning development and haven’t worked in the field yet? Should they stop due to the market conditions?
    • If a developer were laid off, what’s the best way for them to get back into the industry? Should they make any changes? For example, should they be looking for a higher salary, more interesting job, or begin working on a side hustle for portfolio/added income?

Beyond Software

  • I saw on your YouTube channel that you were playing with not only software but also hardware, tell me about some of your hardware/software projects.
  • How far have you gotten with hardware? Writing your own core files/drivers? Arduino?

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