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Svelte vs React – What You Need To Know

December 27, 2022
January 4, 2023
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Svelte and React are two frontend JavaScript frameworks that, through their immense popularity, draw a lot of debate and questions from the web development community. For established developers, the question looms as to which one you should use and for what reason. Junior developers are left asking what the differences are and which one they should learn first, or if they even need to learn both at all. Today on the podcast, Matt and Mike discuss the differences between Svelte and React, pitting them against each other to debate their usefulness, best features, and which one you might want to use for your latest project.


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Show Notes


  • What is React?
    - Defining what React is
    - What is a JavaScript framework?
    - Routing and rendering state
  • What is Svelte?
    - Establishing what Svelte is
    - Svelte syntax
    - Compiling methods
  • Svelte vs React - Differences between them
    - Build/bundle size
    - Syntax comparison
    - Compiling considerations
    - Amount of tooling/librairies
    - React Native
  • Next.js vs SvelteKit
    - What they are
    - Why you should use them
  • Which one should you learn? Svelte or React?
    - Depends on your goals (get a job, freelancer, just coding for fun, etc.)
    - For example, if you're looking for a job, take a look at what the job postings are asking for