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SEO Tips You Can Implement Today

April 16, 2024
April 30, 2024
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SEO is an important part of a healthy website, but it can be a lot harder than it looks. When you follow advanced SEO guides, or use programs that scan your site for SEO problems, you'll commonly come out with a laundry list of fixes that will take weeks to implement and a developer's expertise to install. These advanced SEO checks can help you modify your site down to the smallest SEO molecule, but it's a large undertaking that can easily be pushed off for months or years. In this episode, Matt and Mike steer away from the intricate and daunting, opting to cover SEO tips that you can implement on your website today. The guys touch on topics like writing more content, defining your website, learning keyword research, and technical SEO.


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Show Notes

Define your website

  • Marketing websites are often too sparse on content and therefore definition
  • Clear site definition is why niche sites are so popular and are often told to niche down
    • Creating content on a small concise niche clearly defines you site (ie you write about pocket knives, not all bladed tools + weapons
  • A lot of SEO is about making clear definitions and distinctions
    • Clear headings with clear hierarchy (h1-h6)
    • Clearly written content that isn’t keyword stuffed 
      • Because I write in english I like to think of crawlers as someone that has just learned English - so I write things clearly and concisely leaving little no assumption and nuance
      • This helps my article be understood by the crawlers

Write more content

  • Easier said than done, but it offers your website definition
    • Think of it like an instruction manual
      • if you don’t have enough instruction then the manual is useless
      • Have too much instruction and it most of it is fluff that will be ignored (keyword stuffing)
      • But write clear and concise instruction on what users need and the manual is just right
  • Target your content at what your users will want/need to read, for example…
    • A web hosting company may write articles on hosting types
    • A company that sells smartphones may write guides on setting the phone up and how to install some useful apps that are relevant to their customers
  • The big thing you’re trying to avoid is a visually flashy marketing website that is covered in images, videos, and animations - but it only contains a few words here and there (making in-depth content like this can be a very difficult sell for customers that just want a marketing site and a high google ranking)

Side Note: Backlinks and DR

  • Good backlinks are extremely difficult to get, and even though you can take actions to get them, they’re less of a “let’s get this done today” effort and more of one that you can earn and work to get over time and after you’ve got some content done on your website - so we’re just going to touch on them because they are relevant
  • As you build your content you will naturally attract backlinks so you should know at least a little bit about them
  • DR (Domain Rating)
    • Your DR (Domain Rating) is a number from 1 to 100 that indicates how authoritative your website is
    • You can raise your DR by having do-follow links from other websites 
    • From a hrefs: Build more 'followed' links to your site and your Domain Rating will increase. It's as simple as that. Just keep in mind that if the site you get a link from has a low DR score itself, or links out to lots of websites, the increase in Domain Rating may be negligible.
  • Backlinks
    • Are links that link back to your website from other websites
    • Having high authority and high quality backlinks is the goal here (ie you get a backlink from an extremely popular blog in your niche is much more beneficial 

Learn Keyword Research

  • Keyword research is not an easy skill to learn and therefore adds a high barrier to entry for those that just want to hit the ground running on content creation
  • However, you can think of the time spent learning keyword research as an investment in your future content creating potential
  • There are no guarantees that…
    • Your content will rank well
    • Content that has ranked well will keep its ranking

My Keyword Research

  • Inspired largely by Income School ((2) Income School - YouTube)
  • I choose a topic that I want to write about 
  • For example, I might want to write a CSS how-to guide
  • I open up a fresh incognito tab on and I type in “css how to” 
    • I follow up the “css how to” with letters of the alphabet a through z
    • Google will suggest various search queries in their auto complete
    • I find a search query I like and I click on it then analyze the SERP for some key things
      • Are there a lot of articles that already cover this topic? 
      • What quality are the articles that already cover this topic?
      • If I think this particular search phrase is too competitive I will begin my search on a fresh incognito window
      • What are the suggested searches “People also ask” 
        • I will try and incorporate these phrases into my content (ie as a heading if applicable) 
      • I’ll also analyze what Google is suggesting as the answer in the top card and strategize on how to get my article into that spot instead
  • For tooling I also use:
    • A hrefs free SEO tool to check volume and difficulty 
    • Google Trends
    • Google Search Console
      • To see which queries I’m ranking for (sometimes you’ll rank for topics that aren’t quite what you wrote about which may indicate that query is lacking good content

Tools I Use

  • A hrefs free tools
  • Google Trends
  • Google Search Console
    • To see which queries I’m ranking for (sometimes you’ll rank for topics that aren’t quite what you wrote about which may indicate that query is lacking good content

Technical SEO

  • Page title and description
  • OG image
  • Proper heading hierarchy


  • Michael LaRocca