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More Tech Layoffs, HTMX is Real, Friends with Ideas

January 18, 2024
January 24, 2024
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Three web development topics grace this episode's contents as Matt and Mike discussed the seemingly never ending tech layoffs that keep making headlines. The guys also discussed HTMX, a lightweight UI library that has taken off in popularity recently to the pleasure of some and dismay of others - is HTMX the "Tailwind CSS" of backend technology? Finally the guys discussed how to handle your family and friends approaching you with their ideas and wanting you to work on them. We've all been there, you're at a family gathering, and someone wants to work with you on their new idea that's sure to "take the world by storm" - or in a twist, sometimes they just want you to be their mentor...what do you do if you just don't have the time?


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Show Notes

Tech Layoffs

  • High-interest rates
  • Economic uncertainty
  • AI anticipation
  • Too much hiring
  • Q1 usually means hiring but this year has been layoffs for tech
    - 7785 people laid off from tech in Jan 2024 -


You can find our interview with the creator of HTMX here (link).

  • Lightweight UI library that allows you to interface with a server through hypertext (html attributes)
  • Simple concept that has taken off since HTMX landed in the github accelerator program
  • Carson (HTMX creator and former guest of the podcast) has perfected the meme advertising campaign and increased the popularity of htmx
  • Currently at 27591 github stars, was at ~2000 last time we spoke to Carson
  • Popular with developers that prefer to work in their backend code and not touch as much javascript as this lowers the need to for it

Should you help your friend with his next big idea?

  • Friend comes up to you and says he has the next big [insert any big company here] idea (ie "We're gonna take Facebook by storm!") and wants you to program their app idea
  • What if your friend wants to break into the industry and wants you to be their mentor?
  • How do you handle these situations? What if you have no bandwidth to help? What if you think their idea is a waste of time?


  • Michael LaRocca
    - Author of the Self-Taught the X Generation blog, at