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Make React Faster Using Million 3 (Million.js) w/ Aiden & Tobiloba

January 31, 2024
February 8, 2024
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React is a powerful tool that empowers web developers to create reactive websites and web apps. Unfortunately, sometimes projects built with React can struggle to reach their maximum performance potential. To solve this, Million 3 (million.js) steps in to help make your React project up to 70% faster. Million boasts a simple setup using an easy-to-use installer so that you don't need to spend hours installing and troubleshooting. In this interview episode, Matt and Mike discussed Million.js with Aiden and Tobiloba, exploring when Million should be used, when it should not be used, and what it helps with the most. With the release of Million 3 just this week, the guys learned about some cool new features that should help Million be even more useful than it already is.


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Show Notes

Million.js Interview Questions

  • What is Million.js?
    - What was the inspiration for creating it?
  • How would someone add it to their project?
  • Are there any other interesting things you can do with million because it uses a compiler?
  • React is currently going through some turbulent times with the React Server Component/App router direction. Does Million.js have anything that addresses this?
  • What’s next for million.js?
    - Discussion on v3


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  • Michael LaRocca
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