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Junior Developers NEED to Hear This

February 16, 2023
February 22, 2023
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Tech layoffs are in full swing right now, with companies shrinking their teams for a variety of reasons. This is a stark contrast to the hiring spree that we experienced and grew used to during the chaos that was the COVID-19 pandemic. Does this mean that junior developers should pack up and find work elsewhere? Should people that are still learning web development leave the field entirely?


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Tough Times in Tech

  • Tech pricing disparity may cause a loss in tech dominance (ie you can get some plumbing done for $300, but a simple app could cost $30k to make)
  • Many layoffs from major tech giants including Microsoft, Meta, Google, Amazon, Salesforce, Dell, Cisco, and more
  • AI may be coming for developer jobs faster than we thought possible (ie ChatGPT is a major advancement into "uncanny valley" that largely came out of nowhere)

Where to Start

  • Keep learning and improving at your fundamentals
    - HTML, CSS, JS
    - React, TypeScript, etc.
  • Build projects (and dabble into full-stack if you haven't already)
  • Practice leet code
  • Practice interviews (etiquette + Q&A)

How to Differentiate

  • Build a small SaaS (whether it's actually functioning as a business, or just a practice one to show off your skills)
  • Contribute to open source projects
  • Find a community and get involved (you may be able to skip the entire job interview process if you meet someone and they need help)
  • Don't overwork yourself to stand out (work within reason, some overtime is fine - but working until burnout is no good)