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JavaScript Fundamentals You Need to Know Before Learning React

February 23, 2023
March 8, 2023
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Do you know enough JavaScript to move onto something else like React, or Svelte? How do you know if you'll be ready? This week, Matt and Mike discuss the vanilla JavaScript fundamentals you need to know before learning new tooling like React, or Svelte. We hope that this episode helps clear the air for any junior developers wondering if they should start the next step of their JavaScript learning journey, or if they still have more vanilla JS to learn.


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Why is it important to learn JavaScript before a framework?

  • Programming concepts learned in vanilla JS apply to frameworks like React, Svelte, and Vue
  • Debugging a framework is arguably more difficult when you don't know vanilla JS
  • It's important to remember that frameworks are built on top of JS

What do you need to know before jumping in?

  • Variables
    - const, let, var
  • Conditional statements
    - if/else
    - switch
    - ternary
    - optional chaining
    - conditionals for display and not display are major parts of frameworks
  • Scoping
  • Looping
    - while
    - for
  • Arrays
    - for each
    - map
    - reduce
    - filter
    - sort
  • Async/await, promises, fetch
    - Getting, waiting for, and propagating data is a big part of why we use frameworks
  • Template Literals
    - Frameworks like React can benefit a lot from combining strings, functions and variables in the same line - especially for templating
  • Deconstructing
  • Spread operator