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How a Hackathon Changed Their Lives w/ Paolo and Antonio

July 19, 2023
July 26, 2023
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Web development hackathons can be a fun way to do some friendly competitive programming. The result is often a few great portfolio pieces for those involved and a cool prize for those that come out on top. For Paolo Ricciut and Antonio Sarcevic they not only won the Best Ecosystem Integration award at the SvelteHack Hackathon, but they created a project that could help push the Svelte/Kit industry forward with the creation of SvelteLab. SvelteLab is an in-browser code editor that quickly sets up SvelteKit environments where you can test and share your projects easily.


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Interview Questions

Sveltehack hackathon

  • What inspired you both to join?
  • What do you see as the main value of hackathons for new developers?
  • Any suggestions for first-time hackathoners?


  • Can you explain the core idea behind SvelteLab?
  • Why are REPLs or IDEs in the browser important?
  • Where do you see the WebContainer API heading in the future?


  • Why Svelte and SvelteKit?
  • Is there anything you think is missing from the Svelte/Kit ecosystem?
  • How would you recommend a new developer learn Svelte and SvelteKit?

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