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Git in School, Good Code Reviews, Is PHP Back?

October 17, 2023
October 25, 2023
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In this episode, Matt and Mike discussed a collection of web development topics including git in school, what makes a good code review, and the return of PHP. Git for version control is a major part of most web developers' toolkits although there seems to be a lack of git training in schools, the place where learning git basics could help future graduates' resumes look a bit more favorable. Code reviews are commonplace in web development teams, but they're not all cut from the same cloth - what makes a code review good? PHP has been called dead by many web developers (even though WordPress uses PHP and is a major contributor to content on the web), but lately it seems like people are talking about PHP back?


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Show Notes

What you'll learn in this episode

  • The importance of learning git in school
  • What makes a good code review
  • PHP may be back as some JavaScript frameworks mimic how things were done in PHP

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Should Git be taught in Schools?

  • What needs to be taught
    - Simple one day to practice
    -- Create repo
    -- Attach local dev environment
    -- First commit
    -- Create branch
    -- Merge branch
    -- Create/merge PR
  • Git should be used from that day forward on all projects/assignments to make it a habit and second nature
  • It’s not hard and you don’t need to dive too deep

What makes a good code review?

  • Not full of nitpicks
    - These should be solved by linting/prettier configs
  • Clear and concise
  • Explanations as to why you’re requesting a change
    - Ex. change map to forEach, both can do similar things but one can be better than the other, why are you requesting one be used over another?
  • PRs should be as small as possible, the larger the number of changes the less l likely your code will be reviewed well
  • Run the code you are reviewing
  • Perform reviews from your IDE to catch typescript errors easily 

Why is everything copying PHP?

  • With the release of react server components it seems a lot of modern JavaScript framework paradigms and shifting towards a server-first approach
  • The mixing of client and server code 
  • State in URL
  • This is reminiscent of how PHP works
  • PHP had a lot of things right, 
    - server side rendering
    - Query params
  • Reality is React just saw the benefit of being server side and inherently is doing what server side languages do
  • It did not copy PHP it just is using a similar methodology 
  • The main benefit of still using something like React and have it work both on the backend and frontend, making it much easier for one team to maintain a project


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