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December 19, 2023
December 27, 2023
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Learn web development for free with learning resources from all over the web including courses, YouTube channels, and written guides. 

The holidays are in full swing with many people spending their newfound free time trying their hand at learning web development for the first time. Some are even planning to learn coding as their new year's resolution so they can try their hand at a new career. In this episode, Matt and Mike discussed a collection of free learning resources so that you can supercharge your learning without having to commit a small fortune to getting started.


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Show Notes

What you'll learn in this episode

  • A collection of free web development learning resources that range from full blown courses through written guides & blogs

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Show Notes


  • This holiday season and into the new year many people will want to try their hands at web development for the first time
  • Whether it’s the increased free time w/ the extra time off or a new year’s resolution to get into a new career
  • Here are some prime ways to get started learning web development that don’t require anything except an internet connection a modern computer

Free Templates

  • Start with a site that is “already built” 
  • Try and mimic what the template has already made
  • Reverse engineer sections that you’re unsure about
  • Try and improve what they’ve already built
  • HTML Template resource: 
    - Take designs and recreate them with HTML and CSS


  • YouTube tutorials are a staple of learning online in 2023/2024
  • If you’re just getting started, a “crash course” may be what you’re looking for
  • Flashy projects aren’t necessarily the best way to learn - even if they’re arguably the most entertaining
    - To keep the tutorial within a good time frame the creator will need to gloss over things
    - With flashy projects, a lot of topics will need to be glossed over due to the increased work involved
  • Simple projects that teach concepts
    - To-do apps teach you how to make elements interactive, save items and their dynamic states, layout a variable amount of information (how many todos will there be, how to we handle overflow, etc.)
  • Ensure the video topics are relevant (ie using a modern version of React)

YouTube Channel Suggestions:

Blogs and Guides

  • Just like YouTube tutorials but in written form
  • There are countless blogs that will help you learn web development for free
  • Blogs a great way to get started learning:
    - They can be read whenever you have time (no sound like w/ video)
    - Easily printed to PDF for offline use, or onto paper if you like taking paper notes
    - No timeline scrolling, wherever you stop reading is where the blog “stops” for you
  • Ensure the blog posts are relevant (ie using a modern version of React)

Blog and Guide Suggestions:

Free Courses

  • If you’re looking for a more formal “course” structure on a budget, then freeCodeCamp has you covered with free courses on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, and more

The Odin Project

  • Free full stack curriculum including:
    - Foundations
    - Introduction
    - Prerequisites (text editor, how does the web work)
    - Git basics
    - HTML
    - CSS
    - Flexbox
    - JavaScript
  • Then a corresponding pathway through either Full Stack JavaScript or Full Stack Ruby on Rails

Scrimba (Free & Paid)

JavaScript 30 by Wes Bos

  • Build 30 things with vanilla JavaScript in 30 days
  • Check it out here



  • Michael LaRocca
    - Author of the Self-Taught the X Generation blog, at
  • Learning Resources
    - See the "Show Notes" above for a big collection of learning resources organized by type