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Full-Stack Struggles #2: I Was at the Gates of Tutorial Hell

May 24, 2023
May 31, 2023
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Coming back to a web development project after a long hiatus is difficult enough for a senior developer, let alone a junior developer. As a newbie when it comes to Svelte and SvelteKit, Matt tried to return to his passive income app weeks after his last visit, only to find himself stumped on what to work on next, and how everything he already had worked. This led him to question whether he should be restarting from scratch, re-engineering everything with the knowledge he remembered up to that point, or to start up a Udemy course to get situated with Svelte and SvelteKit again. In this episode, Matt and Mike discussed the course of action that Matt took to get himself unstuck on his coding problem so he could continue programming and learning Svelte and SvelteKit.


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Show Notes

Returning to a project

  • Difficult to get your bearings on a project after months away
  • Forgot a lot of fringe topics that I had learned
    - Topics that I only used once, got taught by my mentor, or only touched on once
  • This absence resulted in two struggles
    - Direction
    - Googling


  • Not sure what to work on next and why
  • Having to familiarize with the app again, how things worked and why I programmed things the way I did
  • Trying to remember Svelte and SvelteKit concepts again
  • This lack of direction was exemplified by the lack of plans (no designs, goals, or anything like that) since this is a learning project
  • Took me a while to decide where I should start working on the project again (which feature I should start coding up)


  • My lack of understanding the basics of Svelte and SvelteKit made it difficult to know how to phrase questions in Google
    - Asking AI didn't help much either, because my prompts were still incorrect
  • My searches started leading in circles
    - I went from researching Svelte stores, to using LocalStorage with Svelte, then over to bind, reactive statements, queries, and then back to stores again
  • After a couple of hours of sitting and researching with no progress I started to feel the pressure of wanting to accomplish something in the app


  • Once I realized I was stumped I started to think of and weigh my options:
    - Take a course
    - Restart
    - Ask for a help session

Take a course

  • I thought I maybe should build up a repertoire of Svelte and SvelteKit basics
  • This would potentially give me a good amount of foundational learning so that I could "think in Svelte"
    - Get my bearings with where and when to use bind, stores, etc.


  • A lot of the things I'm doing with this passive income app are "advanced Svelte" (Mike's words), so I thought that restarting with my current knowledgebase would help me make a less efficient app, but would allow me to slowly build up my knowledge
  • The problem with restarting is that it felt like I was giving up, and I feared that if I did restart it would become a bad habit
    - I don't want to restart every time the going gets tough

Ask for a help session from a mentor

I ended up going with this solution

  • Screen sharing session with Mike where he can listen to my goals and intentions with the app and point me in the right direction
  • The session I had with Mike helped me:
    - Code up my engineered idea (I had a concept already engineered and ready to go)
    - Explained the lifecycle of some variables (I had a console.log problem)
    - We made some decisions on re-engineering how my forms work
    - Discussion on data structure, preparing for a database by creating a temporary localStorage mechanism

How much progress did I make?

  • The app has gotten hardly any further towards the finish line, and that's okay!
  • I needed to learn how to refamiliarize myself with a project I've been away from for a long time (specifically using a technology I'm still learning)
  • So...yes there has been progress, but no the app is no closer to being complete