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Developer Relations w/ Raza

November 25, 2022
December 7, 2022
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Developer relations (aka DevRel, dev rel) is a newer position that many companies are starting to add to their teams. It's a popular topic among the tech Twitter community and can be a little confusing for those that aren't fully in the loop. So we brought on an expert on the topic, Raza (@razacodes) to explain exactly what a developer relations role is and how you could try your hand at it yourself.


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This episode was conducted in an interview style, some of the answers to the questions below were weaved in throughout the episode and some questions were not asked with the exact wording written below.

  • What is Developer Relations? | 00:03:23
  • What would you say is a good indicator that someone is good fit for a dev rel role? | 00:25:00
  • What advice would you give someone learning programming right now, to better themselves for a dev rel position? | 00:42:28
  • What are the biggest challenges with dev rel? | 00:47:00
    - This question was asked with a focus on the "need" for a social media following - arguably the most challenging part of any developer relations "requirement"
  • What are the best resources for learning what dev rel is? | 00:56:50
    - Recommended read (Amazon link)
    - Recommended video (link pending - check back soon!)

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