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CSS: Styling the Web & Learning Through Content w/ Kevin Powell

February 29, 2024
March 21, 2024
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Kevin Powell, known to many as the King of CSS, joins Matt in this packed episode to discuss the current status of CSS, how to tailor your content absorption for learning, and more. The duo discussed whether or not popular CSS toolkits (ie SASS, TailwindCSS) outweigh the need to learn vanilla CSS. They also discussed whether naming conventions like BEM are still relevant since most web developers use frameworks that have localized CSS per component. And that's just getting started, the guys also discussed tutorial hell mitigation, browser support + using features in production, focusing your educational content absorption, and much more.


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Show Notes

The Status of CSS

  • Vanilla CSS vs SASS vs TailwindCSS vs [probably some other tool here]
    • In 2024, what should people be learning first? 
    • Once they’re experienced with whatever they chose first, should they move on to another tool, or master the tool they’re on?
  • CSS naming conventions were very popular from roughly 2015-2018 (ie BEM) aimed at making CSS code more readable and maintainable. In 2024, they seem mostly killed off by components in frameworks like Svelte where you can use localized/isolated bits of CSS that are context-sensitive already (ie a .title class in a content box component)
    • In your opinion, what's the status of CSS naming conventions like BEM in 2024 and into the future?
  • Browser Support on new and “fringe CSS” features/properties
    • Once support starts catching on for a lesser supported CSS feature when do you think it’s safe for developers to start using it in production? 

Content Absorption

  • It’s easy to get bogged down watching learning content and feeling productive without ever actually producing anything (tutorial hell)
    • To break this cycle, what do you recommend people do when watching coding tutorials/guides on YouTube? Try out what they’ve learned right away? Take notes? Watch a collection of videos then stop at a hard limit?
  • Content creators create a variety of content across many topics, not necessarily focused on what you’re learning at that time (each creator is different, making varying content)
    • If you’re learning something new (ie React) should you focus your content absorption on that one topic, or watch the scattering of content that is released by your favorite creators?
  • Watching individual topic tutorials and playing with related code is much different than creating and working on a project
    • Do you have any tips for developers looking to move from learning concepts to creating their first project(s)? Any project management pitfalls to avoid?

Project Work

  • Working on your own projects (personal or professional)
    • What technologies do you use?
    • What type of workflow do you have? (ie team work, solo, CI/CD)

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