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CSS Selectors Crash Course

December 22, 2022
December 28, 2022
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CSS selectors are a fundamental piece of CSS that allow it to select HTML elements based on a collection of parameters that the developer has set. CSS selectors can be used to select elements by type, class, ID, and can be written in a more complex way with the use of combinators. This week we discuss CSS selectors in great detail, covering their syntax, popular use cases, and clearing up (hopefully) some confusing bits that junior developers may struggle with.


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Topics & Timestamps

  • What is a CSS selector? | 00:02:15
    - Select elements with varying levels of complexity (ie selecting a class, ID, or HTML element)
  • CSS Selector Syntax | 00:03:45
    - Universal, type, class, ID, attribute, selector list, combinators, pseudo-classes, pseudo-elements
  • CSS Selector Structure | 00:39:33
    - Simple selector
    - Compound selector
    - Relative selector
    - Selector List
  • Grouping Selectors | 00:48:45
    - Categories of selectors (basic, grouping, combinators, pseudo-classes & pseudo-elements)
    - Types of selectors (type, class, & ID | attribute selector | pseudo-elements & pseudo-classes | combinators)