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Coding for No-Coders: JavaScript Editing

April 25, 2023
May 3, 2023
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No-code platforms are useful tools for those that don't have the expertise to code up a web app, website, or mobile app themselves, but what if we told you that they can be useful for programmers too? No-code tools can save web developers time by offering a quick and easy creation platform that can typically be expanded upon with code (usually JavaScript). This week Matt and Mike discussed the importance of no-code being used alongside code to help teach new developers and assist veteran programmers with their tight deadlines.


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No-Code's Purpose

  • Makes creation accessible to those that don't know how to program their own websites, web apps, mobile apps, and more
  • Lowers the barrier to entry to anyone that has basic computer skills
  • When you use no-code you avoid needing to know:
    - Coding in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, etc.
    - Hosting (setting up servers, load balancing)
    - Backend Infrastructure (user authentication, data storage, etc.)

Why Use No-Code

  • Programming takes time and skill to learn
  • Engineering solutions properly (even if you have programming skills) can be challenging, especially when multiple technologies are being meshed together - no-code alleviates all this need
  • Most no-code platforms are an all-in-one offering for your use case (ie blog + ecommerce) which is convenient and easy to budget for

The Problem with No-Code

  • Limited to what the no-code platform offers or is compatible with (ie they may allow for connections with third-party services, but only some)
  • "Walled garden" affect
  • If you need to scale outside the platform's offering you're left with a potentially very difficult and expensive migration (ie you may need to hire a dev team)

Expanding No-Code

  • Many no-code platforms already allow for embedding scripts and custom code (commonly JavaScript at least)
  • As you expand your no-code project you're learning programming while still being able to fall back on a tried and true platform
  • When you become more familiar with coding the no-code platform becomes less of a necessity and more of a tool
  • You'll be more prepared for scaling your project should you outgrow the no-code platform (even if you're not capable enough to make a custom app yourself you can still pitch in to keep dev costs down, or at least have a better understanding of what it is you need to have made)
  • You can personally start making more money as you gain more skills

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