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Celebrating 300 Episodes: What’s Next for HTML All The Things?

April 11, 2024
April 15, 2024
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Today we celebrate this past week's milestone of 300 released episodes. Now we know that this number is a bit wishy-washy because we have some "side episodes" like Tidbits and Web News...and it doesn't help that we changed how we number our episodes in the feed at some point down the line. But despite all that, we're considering the episode that released just this past Tuesday as of recording this, as episode 300!

In this special edition episode, we won't be talking so much about web development, but instead of reflecting on the past 300 episodes of the HTML All The Things Podcast and discuss our future goals on where we want HATT to be in the future.

Thank you all for listening and here's to another 300!


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Who’s in This Episode?

Show Notes

Show Notes

Highlights From The Past

Matt's Highlights
  • Renovation of segments from “weekly pain points” to “what are you working on” through just focusing on the main podcast topic
  • Learning SEO (beyond technical SEO)
  • Working on self-driven projects (ie interview projects w/ articles)

Mike's Highlights