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Can I Use This in Production?

January 5, 2023
January 11, 2023
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Browsers and web development tools are constantly evolving their support for new features. This forever changing landscape of our industry can lead many developers to ask whether they can use whatever they're using in production websites, or if they should stick to older methods that are more tried and true. In this episode, Matt and Mike discussed how to choose production-ready technologies based on the type of project you're working on.


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Show Notes


  • Introduction
    - What is a production site? What does "production" mean?
    - Why is a production website so important?
  • What can you use in production? (Technical Edition)
    - What is the current release state (of the feature/tech you want to use)?
    - What's the browser support like?
  • What can you use in production? (Project Management Edition)
    - How critical is the website? Does it need to be up all the time?
    - Weigh the options and the risk of implementing new feature (ie are you implementing a new feature that's very convenient, but also very unstable?)
    - What is the consequence if the site has problems/goes down? What's the fallout from an outage (if any)?
    - Have a procedure in place for testing, deploying, and recovering (ie so that you can easily recover if something goes wrong)