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Building Your Web Developer Portfolio, Choosing Your Path as a Developer, and Making an Impact with Your Career

January 2, 2024
January 17, 2024
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This week we revive an old episode format where Matt writes the show notes and interviews Mike without him knowing any of the questions or topics before recording. In this "blind episode" Matt and Mike explore building out your web developer portfolio versus a personal website that covers both your personal and professional life. The guys also discussed choosing your developer career path if you were starting out in 2024, what kind of project they would create if money were no object, and philosophically "look back" at their careers once they've come to a close.


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Show Notes

This week we're reviving an old episode format where Matt writes up a series of questions and interviews Mike without him having prior knowledge of the questions or topics.

In this "blind episode" we discussed these questions:

  • When building our your portfolio, is it better to stick with a side hustle or to have variety based on showcasing different skills?
  • When should you start your personal website? Before or after schooling? Before or after some portfolio projects are complete?
  • You are assigned an indefinite amount of paid hours to make a site of any kind. The only goal is that site needs to be the most profitable that it can be. What are you going to build and with what stack?
  • You are a new developer in 2024 and are undecided on a path forward (ie freelancing, making a project, getting a job, etc.). Which path would you choose and why? What if money was no object?
  • You decide to think ahead to the end of your career and how others will reflect on all that you've done professionally. How do you want them to summarize your doings and why?


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