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AI Will Not Take Your Job...Yet

December 13, 2022
December 21, 2022
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This week Mike discussed his experimentation with ChatGPT and other AI services, like GitHub Copilot. ChatGPT, Lensa, and other AI have been taking the internet by storm recently, whether it be through cool looking profile pictures, or the controversial ways they operate. In this episode we discussed things like how fast AI has advanced in such a short period of time, the opportunities innovators have to make their mark on the industry, and whether or not something like Copilot will take away your programming job.


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Who’s in This Episode?

Show Notes

Topics & Timestamps

  • State of AI | 00:07:00
    - Github Copilot (openAI)
    - ChatGPT (openAI)
    - midjourney, dalle 2, diffusion, lensa
  • What can AI do now? | 00:42:01
    - Help with coding: debugging, writing, commenting, coding tests
    - Create boilerplates from different tech stacks
    - Make fancy profile pictures
    - Create art/graphics based on a prompt
  • What can't AI do now? | 01:06:32
    - Sucks at humour
    - Produce reliable code
    - Answer non-standard dubugging